Welome to Charlie The Llama's Web Site

2009 UPDATE - This web site was originally created in 2000 as a companion educational site for kids when Charlie was featured on Animal Planet. After 9 years I decided it was time to update the site with more current information. Much of the site is designed for children but there is also a lot of good information for anyone interested in llamas.

Hi, I'm Charlie...Charlie the Llama...Welcome to my web site. On my site you will learn all about my adventures since I was filmed for Animal Planet. I was also filmed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System and was featured on Tokyo's TV series, "Amazing Animals". I had no idea that being on TV would open up the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and bring lots of new adventures for my family.

On my site you will also learn lots of interesting things about llamas. Did you know our legs fold up like a card table? Have you ever seen a llama in your house? I'll bet you didn't know that we are very smart and we can almost read your mind:^)

Let me tell you a little about me, I'm 12 years old and live in Bothell, WA with my human parents, Sandy and Jerry. My llama buddies that live here with me are Beau, Drake, Sparkie, Andrew, Paco and Pedro. My other 2 buddies are Little Max, a 10 pound Maltese that thinks he is bigger than I am and Jenna, a wonderful Doberman who is one smart female! They were all jealous of my being a Movie Star but it's been 9 years now and they have gotten over it! You should have heard them the first time after the reporter came out from the news paper to interview me, when I told them they were even using color pictures of me in the news paper...hehehe

We hope you enjoy your visit here and learn lots of new things about llamas!!!

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