Llamas and Water

Although llamas are in the Camel family, they can not go extended periods of time without water like the camel. Llamas need to have fresh drinking water available at all times.

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Water Bucket
  • Water Bucket
    Llamas can drink out of small buckets, like the one in the picture with Charlie. We only use small buckets when the llamas are in a temporary place and might want a drink. In the field they llamas have a fresh creek they drink from and we have several large containers of water in the areas where they eat.
  • BeauinCreek
    Llamas also like to find a deep spot along the creek bank so that they can have a snack while cooling off their body on a hot day. Beau in this photo, has very heavy wool and gets warm quickly during the heat in the Spring & Summer. He has this favorite spot where he knows the water will come up to his tummy. Standing in the cool water brings down their body temperature and they are much more comfortable.
  • CrossingCreek
    The llamas also cross the creek to get from one side of the pasture to the other. Each one of these boys had to learn that nothing unpleasant was going to happen to them the first time they crossed over.
  • Group
    Several of the llamas refused to go in the water and were very unhappy when the other llamas left them behind. We had to halter and lead (drag them in the water:^) the first time, once they saw that nothing was going to hurt them they had no reservations in crossing through the water.
  • Drinking
    Some llamas will also drink out of containers, this can be very handy if you are packing with a llama and find yourself in an area where no fresh water is available. Sparky has no reason to need to drink out of a container, he just thinks it's fun!
  • JerrySparky
    Sparky is also very curious, Jerry has a beer and ofcourse we didn't let him drink that!
  • Sparky
    Again, Sparky just likes drinking out of something different. Here I'm using a wine bottle filled with water.
  • TreCreek
    My oldest daughter, Theresa ... walking up the creek with Sparky and Andrew. Just trying to cool off!
  • WetLlama
    And there is nothing like a llama getting a bath ... just like dogs, when they are completely wet they have that drowned rat look:^) Although you can see their body structure.

Water Bucket